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Meghan Elliott

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I am an entrepreneur, leader, advocate, consultant, business owner, and collaborator in historic building reuse. I started my career in the highly technical field of earthquake engineering. I learned how buildings work - and how they fail, and how to be a part of a team.


In 2022, I created Jillpine, to act as a developer, owner, and real estate development partner in the most challenging historic building redevelopment projects. I have worked on more than 300 projects in my career: Jillpine demonstrates that these projects are possible, profitable, and impactful.


In 2011, I started New History to be a comprehensive consulting resource for historic building and site redevelopment. I learned entrepreneurship, the panoply of challenges in the industry, and how to create effective solutions and teams for building reuse.

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In 2020, I co-founded RevitalizeMN to advocate for the Minnesota state historic tax credit. I learned policy, communication, and the importance of public-private alignment in redevelopment projects.

Featured News, Honors and Presentations

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