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Jillpine is a real estate development company for high-potential historic properties

Jillpine repurposes challenging sites to solve for new uses in order to create social and financial viability. Jillpine works with building owners eager to convert a liability into a financial, organizational, or community win - because mastering the creative reuse of resources will determine the sustainability of our economy, our climate, and our communities. 

What is a high-potential historic property?
  • Listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

  • 30,000 sq ft or more

  • Long-term vacant or significantly underutilized

  • Publicly or institutionally-owned

  • Visibly deteriorated, blighted, or contaminated

  • Robust but potentially obsolete structural system

  • Notable architecture and historic materials

  • Functionally obsolete

  • In a market with current or future economic drivers

  • Some examples:

    • City or County Jails

    • Decommissioned powerplants

    • Schools, hospitals, and religious campuses

    • Opera houses, armories, and movie theaters

What I don't do:
  • Demolition

  • New construction

  • Single-family homes

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Are you the owner of a high potential historic property?

Contact Meghan.
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